Magnetic Dog Collar

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How do magnets work?

Magnets help to relax capillary walls, muscle and soft tissue. Improved oxygen and blood flow help to promote healing and speed up the recovery process.

Sizes available

Small Dog Collar – £15.95
Measurements: 23-36cm webbing, width 15mm
Typical dog breeds: Jack Russell, Miniature Poodle, Bichon

Medium Dog Collar (new size) – £16.95
31-46cm webbing, width 20mm
Typical dog breeds: Labrador, Retriever, Setter, Cocker Spaniel, Springer

Large Dog Collar – £17.95
44-70cm webbing, width 25mm
Typical dog breeds: Large Labrador, German Shepherd, Great Dane

The small size magnetic dog collar has 3 rare earth magnets while the medium and larger size collars have 4 rare earth magnets. All collars are available in Red, Black, Blue, Purple & Hot Pink

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Black, Red, Hot Pink, Blue, Purple


Sml (23-36cm), Med (31-46cm), Lge (44-70cm)

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