SAFE-CARE EQUINE Product range

ecogreenequestrian-portrait-logoOur natural products are designed to gently but thoroughly cleanse. They gently break up the molecular structure of the dirt and scurf in its entirety, making it easy to rinse away, leaving hair and skin squeaky clean and scurf free! Our products will deliver you show stopping results that are affordable, proving that being green does not cost the earth. Premium products at an everyday price.
Making your horse look fabulous the natural way


Anti-Bac Stable Wash

An anti-bacterial formula that kills 99% of all known germs without the need for harsh chemicals. It effectively eliminates odours instead of just masking them and it’s safe for your horse without the need for extensive rinsing out. For best results use approx 1ltr in a bucket of warm water. Brush stable out, wet floors and wall, brush in the product and leave for 3-5 mins before brushing out. The beauty of this is because it’s plant based, it will not have a negative effect on the water supply around the yard.


Truck & Trailer Wash

PH neutral and non-caustic, this powerful yet gentle cleaner won’t peel away your vinyl graphics or paintwork and will bring up your vehicle to a brilliant shine. It is different to the stable wash as it’s been specifically created for the exterior of vehicles as it’s PH neutral and non-caustic so doesn’t deteriorate vinyl lettering or paintwork you may have on your lorry. Again being plant based, it will not have a negative effect on the water supply around the yard.


Equine Rug Wash

A natural plant based rug wash that is suitable for washing all rugs, saddle cloths etc.


Barrier Cream

Containing no petro-chemical oils, the shea butter base melts into warm skin and doesn’t stay sticky (or attract dust, dirt). It is a mild, soothing, luxurious cream that aids natural healing while protecting the skin. An excellent barrier for the winter months to protect your horse’s legs from the dreaded mud. Apply as and when required.  It can help with mud fever, rain scald and other common skin conditions. Apply as you would body cream on yourself – enough to cover the affected areas (works just as well on your hands to!). Whilst you don’t need to bandage we would recommend this as it will stop them rubbing it off especially if there are open wounds..


Leg Cooling Clay

This natural clay based poultice is invaluable treating those minor sprains and strains. Other leg clays are made with silicone which sticks to hair when you wash it off. Ours is made with natural mud from the Highlands of Scotland and when you re-wet the dried clay it goes back to mud again and will rinse away easily, bio degrading into the earth. Moulded around the affected area it produces a cooling effect through evaporation, drawing heat away from the injury, while the natural oils create a cool and soothing sensation. Also great for tired legs after a long day’s hack.


Cut & Graze

This gentle blend of plant based extracts provides a ‘non-sting’ clean for minor cuts and abrasions, soothing irritated skin. Our formula doesn’t contain irritants, is skin-friendly and helps to dry the area up quickly. It’s a clear formula that removes the food source that bacteria grow and feeds on. It can be safely used to clean the wound as it is non sting and will remove any debris as a wash. Should be applied as and when required.


Rapid Relief

This amazing product will remove the itch, sting and irritation from the very first application, soothing the area and promoting healthy skin repair and hair re-growth. Apply as and when required directly to the affected area. Our customers love this for sweet itch, mud fever, rain scald and sunburn.


Fly Repellent

Just four trigger pulls will cover a square metre of skin making this a great value fly spray and most importantly, one that doesn’t have a toxic effect. There’s lemon and cedarwood in this blend and it’s HSE approved for an incredible 72 hours! It does not contain DEET which although effective as a repellent is highly toxic or Citronella which is a stimulant (you may find it contributes to a fizzy horse!) Many horses have a reaction to Citronella, flies go by taste (through their feet) not smell so Citronella doesn’t always work. Nothing will keep flies from buzzing around your horse, or any animal, but they won’t like the taste and won’t keep biting. The same goes for midges (especially in the spring) – they will be there but won’t bite.


Shift Insect Repellent

This midge repellent is for the rider, not the horse! People put repellent on their horses and often forget about themselves and come back from a ride covered in bites. It’s safe to use on your hair, arms and face – small enough to carry with you on long summer rides. Effective against all flying insects especially midges and mosquitos. Just spray onto your hands and apply to your face and any other exposed area.


Bio Hoof

This powerful agent is effective for a range of common foot problems in equines. Sprayed around and under the hoof it neutralises and deters build-up of bacteria and is a powerful cleanser and deodoriser. It can be used for common foot problems such as Thrush, seedy toe and abscesses.

Complies with: EN1276, EN13704, EN14348, EN14476.
Note: Product contains detergents to assist absorption of active ingredients.


Hoof Oil

Most traditional hoof oil has an absorption rate of 20% into the hoof wall. Our hoof oil is thinner, has an absorption rate of up to 80%, making brittle hooves well-conditioned and crack free. It also has anti- bacterial properties and can be used under the hoof around the frog. Using a spray makes it a cleaner way to apply and as it’s clear, like a skin oil you don’t have to worry about getting it on white legs etc. Most oils have a thickener and a colourant. Ours is simply a thin oil that won’t sit on the surface of the hoof. It does the job it’s supposed to do – condition the hoof. Many other oils are for aesthetics only and because they stay on the surface longer you end up with sand, shavings, dirt etc sticking straight to the hoof.


Sheath Cleaner

This gentle formulation of natural ingredients provides effective cleansing results with no irritation to sensitive skin, easily removing smegma without leaving any unpleasant residue. Always tricky on male horses! Spray it on as soon as he displays the sheath and it doesn’t matter if you don’t rinse –  just wait and the smegma will fall away on its own. It’s plant based so won’t harm your horse if you don’t get straight in and wash it away!


Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This cleaner is non-toxic so it is suitable for cleaning all surfaces, even ones that that your horse may be around. It’s great for feed buckets, brushes, bits especially as it doesn’t require lots of rinsing – if some residue is left behind because it’s plant based it doesn’t matter and won’t harm your horse.


Leather & Tack Cleaner

This safe and effective cleaner is suitable for all types of tack. Just spray onto a sponge and use it to wipe away mud, grease and dirt. For best results after cleaning leather and tack remember to treat it with Leather Balsam to restore the natural oils.


Leather Balsam

This high quality balsam is a must for all your leather tack. Containing Jojoba oil it nourishes, feeds and restores a natural sheen to all leather. It’s very quickly absorbed so it doesn’t stay sticky and also protects and waterproofs, keeping your tack (and your boots!) supple and conditioned.


Stain Buster

This handy spray is invaluable for removing those unexpected stains that occur when travelling and at shows etc. Just spray directly onto the offending stain, agitate and then remove with a sweat scraper. Can rinse with water but not essential.


Show & Shine

The shine of your life! Yes, it really is that good. Show ‘n’ Shine leave in conditioner is a unique formulation using the natural benefits of sunflower oil to provide excellent results when you need them most. It will leave your horse’s coat, mane and tail with amazing shine, manageability and enables the coat to resist dust and dirt for days. We don’t use silicon in our products but we use cotton oil instead which is slippery for a short period of time. However it dries quickly and stays shiny – which means you have no saddle slippage. Best of all there is no rinsing required, just spray on and go.


Tail & Mane Detangler

Brilliant for wayward manes and tails. Conditions the hair and tames it at the same time, without leaving it greasy or slippery. Spray on hair and comb through – no rinsing

No silicon – It contains cotton oil so dries quickly. It’s non-sticky so doesn’t attract dust as soon as you’ve used it. Lasts 24 hours – for best results use 2-3 times a week to keep condition and detangled.


Total Body Wash

This fragrance-free wash loosens dirt and gives a deep cleanse right down to the skin with no suds or bubbles. It’s guaranteed to remove all scurf; thing traditional shampoo doesn’t do and it’s suitable for whole body use – especially for those a little on the sensitive side.


Tail & Mane Shampoo

This is a specially formulated thick shampoo that once applied to a thoroughly wet tail or mane and gently agitated, will naturally foam to remove all traces of dirt, sweat, urine and faeces. It won’t strip the natural oils and leaves the tail and mane lustrous, tangle free and adds body and volume.


Whitening Shampoo

Our unique formula means grass stains, urine, mud, faeces etc will be washed away with one application. Especially effective on feathers this shampoo will transform your horse’s legs from grime to gleaming in no time. This product will naturally foam but there’s no added foamers unlike chemical products. Foam doesn’t necessarily mean cleaner, better results – it’s just aesthetics.


Pet Shampoo

Suitable for all pets large or small. This gentle yet powerful shampoo breaks up the molecular structure of the dirt and scurf on the skin, rinses away easily leaving your pet clean and scurf free. Washes away odours without irritating your pet’s delicate skin.

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