Wot Ma Like

Wot Ma Like Ltd has been around since 2009 and run by husband and wife team Jo and Nick Burrows.

Jo, the talented designer in the business was brought up in Byker (Newcastle) where her dolls were the best dressed around, as from an early age she had huge creative flair. She trained as a Textile Designer and went on to work for several big high street stores as a designer before working through design agents to sell her work worldwide.

Wot Ma Like now stock over 400 shops across the UK including Waterstones, Fenwick, The Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Tate Modern Liverpool, Castle Howard and The Lowry.

The Charlton Hall Designs range of equestrian and country themed cards and gifts were launched at Top Drawer in London in January 2016. Made in the UK, the cards are FSC certified and the wood for their rustic key rings, signs and coasters are sourced from FSC and PEFC registered suppliers.


A great day was had by all at Antrobus Riding Club arena eventing held at Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre today. Congratulations to the top four in the EcoGreen class.
1st Lexi Topping
2nd Claire Campbell
3rd Verity Sellars
4th Holly Ridgeway
Our winner won a bottle of Warming Sloshwash, perfect to use on a winters day after a competition. πŸ†πŸ΄πŸ‘

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Did you know that Cleaver and Marigold is really good to help prevent the legs from filling up whilst your horses are in the stable? It's cost effective too. A 1kg bag costs Β£17.49, the info below shows what you need for your pony/horse and how long it will last.
Upto 12.2h: 1 scoop lasts 161 days
12.2h - 14.2h: 2 scoops lasts 80 days
14.2h - 15.2h: 3 scoops lasts 53 days
15.2h - 16.2h: 4 scoops lasts 40 days
From 16.2h+: 5 scoops lasts 32 days

You won't find any added extra's in the Hilton Herb range, just herbs which is what every supplement you use for horse/pony should be. Order today from www.ecogreenequestrian.co.uk/product/cleavers-marigold-dried-supplement/

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3 days ago

EcoGreen Equestrian Ltd

Introducing the brand....Safe-Care Equine, a family based business in Scotland.

The products they manufacture use a non-ionic surfactant blended with renewable plant based ingredients. This includes ingredients like Jojoba, shea butter, corn and rosemary oil. All natural and readily biodegradable. They won’t strip the coat of natural oils and the shampoos are especially effective on those stubborn grass, urine and stable stains.

With Safe-Care Equine products you can be assured that they are:
* Plant based – all natural grooming products
* No chemicals
* No colourants
* No artificial fragrances
* No foamers or builders – so no extra suds to rinse away

We stock a range of their products from Truck n Trailer Wash (which our customers say smells of cherrydrops!) spray on Hoof Oil, a fabulous Barrier Cream, whitening shampoo and many more of their eco-friendly range.

Please do take a look at their range on www.ecogreenequestrian.co.uk/shop

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